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This is why you probably shouldn’t do yoga..

August 19, 2015

I’ve been finding myself in rather uncomfortable situations more and more often lately. The reason – I practice yoga. The real reason – many people don’t generally understand yoga so they instantly assume that since you have anything to do with the practice, you must be (I quote) “some sort of a hippie”. As it so happens, I’ve randomly mentioned something yoga-related in conversations with acquaintances, which tends to lead to me listening to people speculating about the real reason why I practice yoga. This is good though! Trust me. I can reassure you there would always be someone out there, who wouldn’t be able to resist the urge to laugh out loud in your face or to make a silly sarcastic remark.

To be fair, I get it. I honestly do.. to some extend. This is why I’ve been doing my best to avoid confrontation because I don’t see any point of justifying why I’m doing something that makes me feel good. Duuh! However, having just completed Adriene’s 30 Day Yoga Challenge, I felt a sudden urge to write about yoga and the reasons why most of you probably shouldn’t do yoga.. just yet.


Sports have always been an important part of my life but it’s always been about getting better, faster, stronger, etc. Back in the day I spent a fair amount of time exercising but I considered myself a rather gym person. Even though moving in the UK was a relatively degrading experience on this front, I managed to find my way back to sports. In other words – I was going through some hard times and it got to a point, where I had to do something sports-related to let go of all the negative emotions I’ve been accumulating for a really long time.

I started off by going back in the swimming pool and slowly adding the gym in my routine. For health reasons I had to find something less overwhelming for my body so I started practicing pilates, belly dancing, zumba and then power yoga (in that exact order really). I got hyped up about trying out new things so I tried one of Adriene’s weight loss videos and I hated it. I hated it to an extent where I didn’t even consider doing yoga again for another two years. However, that’s simply my fault – I just didn’t understand yoga.

I can’t tell you when was the exact moment I realised I get it but I acknowledged my understanding of the practice halfway through my yoga challenge. Yet, I clearly remember the moment when I realised I am ready to give yoga another chance… It may sound weird but it was Adriene again. I got across Adriene’s morning yoga routine and I was extremely impressed by the peculiar way she stretches her toes, whilst flowing through vinyasa. This made me watch a couple of more videos, which resulted in occasional yoga practices every now and then; reading about yoga; doing the yoga challenge and so on..


It sure as hell took me a while to understand what Adriene has been going on and on about. “Finding what feels good”, however, is no longer something that the funny girl from the colourful YouTube channel repeats again and again. It basically became my number 1 goal in life – as it should have always been. Yet, to get here I took my body and my mind to a long journey – from doing sports for the sake of not killing someone to syncing my breathing, my movements and my intentions for the sake of making my body feel good and teaching my mind to let go of everything that would usually keep me wide awake at nights.


If you can relate to that.. Namaste! If not – you’re just not ready. This is why you probably shouldn’t do yoga.. now. Or perhaps you should – just for the sake of staying fit. However, I wish that someday you’d be able to understand the power of this practice, which is all about self-realisation. Funnily enough, to achieve self-reaslisation and understand it’s actually a ‘real thing’, you probably have to take a shortcut in life.. and do some yoga asap.

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