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Meet.. Kristian Tanev.

August 17, 2015


Kristian Charlie TanevName: Kristian Tanev

ASL: 20, Male, Plovdiv

Occupation: Comedian

His thing is.. entertaining people.

We met.. because of The Ble Channel.

About: Good old Tsvetoslav Tsonev introduced me to two randomly exciting things. First of all he showed me that actually there are indeed Bulgarian youngsters (broadly speaking) out there, who listen to some fine Hip-Hop. Kudos for that by the way! Second – he is guilty for introducing me to Kristian Tanev.

Because of Kristian’s peculiar sense of humor I literally spent about an hour thinking about what is the most appropriate way to introduce him to you. Thus, because of my intense struggle to find the right words to do that, I decided I should just go back to basics and talk about the emotional roller coaster his videos take me through.


It all starts well when he introduces himself. Then, one minute later you find yourself grinning at the screen, looking over your shoulder to see if there’s someone behind you. It’s just that Kristian’s videos make you feel like you’ve opened a porn website at work and you are not sure whether you should close your browser or you should just keep watching. This is how it goes all the way through until you finish with his video and you’re not sure whether you spent the entire time laughing because Kristian is wildly inappropriate or because he is ridiculously funny in a rather ‘youthful’ manner.

Apart from all that, he has hair women would die for and brains men would envy. Add his sense of humor to the mix and you’d probably be one step closer to getting to know him. Although, I must say that Kristian is much smarter than you’d expect and he’s probably a lot more handsome in person than on the screen.

Kristian Tanev

Who the hell is Kristian Tanev?

A comedian, Youtuber, singer, programmer and #@$%^* addict.

What does a YouTuber do?

Waste people’s time with videos.

5 things you will never ever show online.

All the homemade porn I have, pictures of me as a baby, thoughts which I have during the middle of the night, the tattoo I have on my arse…and lastly – my true self.

I woke up one day in my ‘father’s’ body and..

.. I confirmed that I am better than him in every way.

Draw me something.

Here’s something I drew in the 5th grade..

Copyright @ Tanev, 2009

Copyright @ Tanev, 2009

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    August 18, 2015 11:12


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