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Wordchaos. Vol. 5

August 9, 2015

Hey you!

It’s been a while. Oops! I know I really let this break last way too long, didn’t I? Sorry! I didn’t really meant to but here’s what happened..

Back in April I was in the process of writing my dissertation and to be fair it was absolutely horrendous. Yet, I am happy to tell you I am now almost officially (have my graduation ceremony in November) a BA PR grad. Wohoo! After 4 years of compromising my social life, my sleep and my health I can finally say “I made it!” .

Before I even had a chance to see the results from my finals, I was hired by the world’s largest PR firm. Six weeks later I am enjoying life as a full-time PR pro and I love it. What I also love is London! Yes, I also relocated and that’s perhaps one of the best decision I’ve made in my life so far.

Even though I’ve been keeping myself busy as usual that’s not what really stopped me from bringing Wordchaos. back to life.  Since this year I will be celebrating this blog’s fifth birthday I wanted to revamp it a bit more than usual. Unfortunately, the changes I want to make will cost me a lot.. London’s not the cheapest place to live so some minor sacrifices have to be made but what’s more important – any drastic changes made to the blog will re-format all my content. (Sad face.) Having that in mind I’ve been going around in circles for months, being completely unable to make a final decision about whether I should just go for а brand new layout.

Yet, an hour ago I was having a random chat with someone really special, who suggested they love the blog as it is and it’s time I started posting again. Well, here I am – back on track, with Chaosbook.‘s next issue coming up tomorrow morning!

Yeah, also let’s not forget the new London inspired banner. That should be enough to keep my mind at rest until the blog’s birthday in October.

London Skyline

Warm kisses from sunny London,



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