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Meet.. Boro Brodnik.

March 9, 2015


BoroName: Boro Brodnik

ASL: 28, Male, Sofia

Occupation: Musician/Director

His thing is.. music.

We met.. at Parkway Drive’s gig in Sofia back in 2011.

About: I must say that I briefly remember the first time I met Boro. It was most certainly at a Parkway Drive’s gig ages ago but for obvious reasons that’s all I can really remember. However, I clearly remember the second time I met him..

It was a hot summer day and we were filming Desislava Madjunova‘s intro for Bunt Art. We were in the middle of a field in the outskirts of Sofia, dancing in full Bulgarian folklore costumes (FYI: that means you’re wearing wool on wool with more wool). The sun was shining, the haze was making it hard to bread while Desislava and I were jumping around in the dirt, having Boro behind the camera. The end result – well, it was all worth the effort because the footage was brilliant.

A month after I was packing my stuff for my UK adventure while he was getting ready for Prague. This is how a month ago he messaged me out of nowhere and it hit me! He’s was meant to be the next person I would be introducing on Chaosbook.


What animal would you be in an alternative universe?

Any ocean creature, any bird or insect. I would choose an alternative perspective on life on Earth. If I have to be an animal I better be some mighty tanky beast feasting on your blood.

Which are the 3 things that excite you the most?

Girls, decadence and the blues.

The ultimate guide to writing lyrics in 10 quick steps..

1. Don’t hesitate to write because you think you’re lame, uninteresting or lack talent, cause you are not;

2. Pick a worthwhile theme; Try to tell a story if you can;

3. Personalize it so it connects to people and they initiate with it;

4. Dress it up accordingly to the agenda of you music;

5. Work with the actual musicians on the lyrical bars as they always know better;

6. Build the emotional temporhythm and reach the climax with the music;

7. Give yourself time to rework and rethink but once you feel it’s ready, don’t touch it anymore. That’s the beauty of art, that you can’t change it after years as it depicts an unique sense of your inner state at a current place/time.

8. Get rid of half of the words you’ve written. They are always too much. It’s a song, not a novel.

9. Test it live in front of actual audience before you record it;

10. Forget about all of the steps and be sincere to yourself!

Describe the sound of silence.

It may sound weird but I can’t tell if I know the sound of silence for real. I always have that buzzing brum in my head and there are so many voices trying to get on the surface that I never really find peace in silence. As a matter of fact the quieter it is, the louder it gets. Music helps to mute it.

I’m not sure I can describe it but I will try to picture it:


I woke up in a world with no music and I.. 

.. made it my quest to find it or recreate it. I went far and wide to search for it the concrete sound, beat, tone to start with. At the other end of the world where nothing is alive I started vibrating with the breaths of nature, embracing  the waves and winds in that kingdom of unnatural matter. The vast landscapes of shapeless sounds overwhelmed me and I suddenly realized that I don’t need the music as I knew it. Music was everywhere…

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