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Meet.. Elina Firkova.

February 16, 2015


Elina Firkova

Name: Elina Firkova

ASL: 22, Female, Sofia

Occupation: Designer, Stylist, Editor

Her thing is.. Fashion.

We met.. at kindergarten.

About: I am so psyched because today I am introducing you my first friend ever – Elina! Obviously we’ve known each other for quite a while (18 years to be precise) but that’s just not the whole story at all..

After we spend good 4 years in kindergarten together, we went to the same school and spent another 6 years but in different classes. Even though she moved to a different school, she made it easy for us and introduced me to her friends so that we can keep hanging out (which is how I got reunited with my best boy friend from kindergarten, who I am still very much in touch with). After a while we just lost touch but not completely (thanks to Facebook). It was not a dramatic thing really – we just grew apart, no hard feelings or what so ever. Perhaps this is why I still love her so much (which is how it should be)!

However, it was not always love and peace between the two of us. We were and surely we still are those two extremes: me – stubborn as hell and Elina – twice as stubborn as me. I have a good reminder of that because every time I put make up on I see this tiny little scar on the side of my cheek that reminds me of her. I just wish I could remember what was the fight that lead to it all about..

Never mind! Enough with my nostalgic memories, it’s time for the facts. Elina grew up to be exactly what I would have imagined her to be – a strong, powerful and gorgeous young lady. She is currently in charge of Starlette Magazine and Double 4 Studio with her talented partner – Teddy Grozdanov. So, here is what Elina told me in our Chaosbook. reunion!


What does someone’s style tell you about them?

Usually someone’s style tells me about the social group they belong to. You know – there are different groups which have a really specific turnout and everybody is striving to look in a specific way. Also, I can define if someone has a flair for visually beautiful things.

Who inspired you to start Starlette Magazine?

The idea of starting a fashion and lifestyle magazine came up when I met a girl who had exactly the same vision as me. The main inspiration is my love for fashion!

Top 5 accessories without which the world wouldn’t exist.

The world existed without accessories but now we’re too spoiled to live without them. First – I’d say the smartphone even if it’s not really an accessory. It is something that very few people would survive without! Second – handbag, third – jewellery, fourth – the hat and last but not least – the belt.

Dreams are..

.. something that everybody needs. They keep us moving forward!

Describe how a beautiful woman looks like in less than 300 words.

In my life I’ve seen a lot of beautiful women. A woman could be beautiful in different ways, defined by the people around her and the way they see her. There is no stereotype! A smiling woman is always beautiful and nowadays it is trendy to be natural. Finally almost everyone realised that it’s not only the make up or the clothes that could make you incredible. As trivial as it may sound, it’s what’s on the inside that makes you beautiful! That’s my advice – look what’s on the inside and you will definitely shine on the outside.. and you can always put some jewellery to make yourself shine even more!


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