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Meet.. Bobby Kostadinov.

February 9, 2015


BobbyName: Bobby Kostadinov

ASL: 28, Male, Sofia

Occupation: Photographer

His thing is.. Photography.

We met.. after I saw his photo series (Un)vieled.

About: I discovered Bobby’s art in a cold spring evening about an year ago. Ever since then I have been patiently waiting for a good opportunity to introduce him and the peculiar world he captures with his camera.

Bobby just started a new project that I am completely and totally in love with! It’s called “In Love In Sofia” (a.k.a. my beautiful home city) and it appealed to my inner hopeless romantic with its simple ideology – showing people in love, who Bobby randomly met on the streets of Sofia. But it gets even better! For each shot, the couple photographed shares a little something about their relationship or more precisely – what they have learned since they’ve been together.

This projects sort of sums few of the reasons why admire him so much.. It’s simplistic, it’s catchy and it takes you one step closer to the way he sees the world around him.


Who is Bobby in 5 words?

Five? I do enjoy simplicity.

What is it about female beauty that inspires you?

It’s innately inspiring. We like to think of our minds as this separate entity that’s detached from our bodies but the truth is every time we find beauty there’s a surge of dopamine to the brain. It’s meant to be addictive and captivating, it certainly is inspiring.

3 things that you can’t capture with your camera.

3 things that happened before I got my camera.

Describe your “type of music”.

Whatever speaks to me in some way, lyrics are optional, impact is key. I could be listening to City & Color one moment and Napalm Death the next, genres are irrelevant if you find beauty in whatever your “type of music” is. Well, I do go through some specific phase or mood now and then, but you get the idea.

I woke up one day not knowing photography existed and..

..upon seeing photos everywhere I decided to find out what kind of witchcraft this is. I learned that apparently it takes great skill and dedication to be good at it, and the equipment sure looked expensive so I decided not to bother with any of that. Instead I focused only on sound recording and mixing and had no idea how similar they are to photography and yet how much it can enrich my life. Oh wait, it was supposed to be a fictional story, right?

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