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Meet.. Denina Martin.

January 2, 2015



Name: Denina Martinova

ASL: 22, Female, Kazanlak

Occupation: Blogger

Her thing is.. Fashion.

We met.. at the airport when I moved to the UK.

About: After spending the night crying I headed to the airport in distress, not knowing what comes next… This exact scenario happened about four years ago when I saw Denina for the first time – on her knees at the airport, moving things from her stylish handbag into her suitcase (or perhaps the other way around) to fit in the airline’s luggage weight restrictions. I didn’t know who she is or where she was going. We were just two random passengers whose journey together turned out to be longer than expected.

When we arrived at Heathrow, it was all clear – we were going in the same direction. And who knows why we sat together on our way to our final destination when we realised that we’re also in the same course. Small world, right? I bet neither of us expected that this was just the begging of our journey that I’d rather summarise with few highlights of some of the things Denina taught me.

First thing she taught me was that it’s possible and achievable to walk 3,5 miles on 5 inch heels without crying. That same day she reminded me to trust my gut not the town’s signs after we got lost… big time. Then she managed to convince me that brown is a good colour and I should not be afraid to embrace my inner love for it (FYI: I did).

Then she taught me that falling asleep during marketing lectures is okay because she’s there to poke me, wake me up and allow me to draw dragons in her notebook or her hands afterwards. Also, pesto is good; vegetarians are nice people; you can bid on eBay; you can still not be on Facebook; etc. Yet, the most important thing she taught me was that you should be yourself and you should never ever give up on the things you love.

Last year Chaosbook. started with Yvo Bojkov, who I was hoping will be able to inspire you! However, now I am not only starting the year with a feminine touch but I am also introducing you someone, who I hope will be able to teach you a thing or two about fashion or life in general. So with no further due, please meet the first Chaosbook. personality of 2015 – Denina Martin.


What is Denina’s style?

Simple and feminine.

The two colors you would never ever wear together are..

I used to say I’d never wear orange and pink together until I bought a dress in these colors. That was the moment I promised myself to never say never.

Who are the top 3 designers of all times?

Yves Saint Laurent, Coco Chanel and Valentino.

Describe the day of a fashion blogger in 5 words.

Online when not photo shooting.

I opened my eyes and I was in the fashion capital of..

..France, Paris, enjoying french breakfast in bed and getting ready for fashion shows. Hope dreams come true!



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