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Meet.. Viktor Ivanov.

December 22, 2014


Bears & HuntersName: Viktor Ivanov

ASL: 21, Male, Sofia

Occupation: Musician

His thing is.. Music.

We met.. at one of IuVka‘s first gigs.

About: Viktor is one of the first musicians I met when my good old band was still out and about. Even though we’ve just met a couple of times since then, we seem to have been crossing paths in the oddest ways.

Every single time this happens, I notice changes in several variables: his hair, his beard, his band, what Arctic Monkeys song he’d be listening to in this particular period and which one of my friends he’ll be hanging out with. Let me try and illustrate the dynamics of our acquaintance with a rather ridiculous metaphor.

Do you remember How I Met Your Mother’s “Blitzgiving” episode? If not, here‘s a reminder. To sum it up briefly – there’s this guy who always misses all of the “once in a lifetime” extraordinary events after he leaves a party or whatever. Well, in my case I am the guy with the terrible timing and Viktor is thаt epic thing I am always missing.

A good recent example of the awkwardness of our relationship has to do with my bff‘s band.  Hayes & Y and Viktor’s band Bears and Hunters ended up under the same music label. Therefore, as a result Viktor gets to see my best friend more often than I do. Moreover, I am not even going to mention the fact that as of this moment (while I am writing this post), Viktor and one of my friends (and housemate) are chilling at a house party. How is this fair again?

Bears & Hunters

What did the bear said when it met the hunter?

– Maaan, my food stash was in those bushes.

If your life had a soundtrack, what would it be?

I don’t know, my soundtrack is changing all the time. At the moment I think, its going to be a song from the latest The Kooks record.

Top 3 venues you’d like to perform at when you become world-famous.

Brixton Academy, Somerville Theater(USA) and The 100 Club.

Describe any feeling in less than 200 words without mentioning what the feeling is.

Everybody is denying its existence. Even the people who had felt it. And that’s normal, because it’s so good, that you can’t аccept losing it so easily.

Never have I ever.. 

..been so brave to stay in the water while there’s a jellyfish in it.

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