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Meet.. Diana Naneva.

December 15, 2014


Diana NanevaName: Diana Naneva

ASL: 21, Female, Varna

Occupation: Illustator

Her thing is.. Art.

We met.. Thanks to Veselin Kostadinov.

About: I am incredibly lucky to know so many amazing people but I cannot be happier that Chaosbook. reached to a point, where I’ve started receiving recommendations about who I should be interviewing next.

Diana came highly recommended from good old Veselin who insisted that I must check out her work. Oh, well.. you know me and as you can imagine I needed some time but I eventually did..

There’s one thing that you should know about me and it’s that I am an incredibly stubborn person. I do what I want when I want to. If you don’t get my attention in a matter of seconds you have already lost me. However, if you do manage to keep my attention long enough this means that you impressed me.. BIG TIME!

Diana got me from the very second I looked at one of her illustrations. She got me so bad that I spent ages looking at her brilliant work so that I can choose what to show you as part of this post. And while her art made this post so hard to put together because it’s incredible, getting to know her was so much easier because there was so much I wanted to know!

Diana Naneva - Illustrator

Does one’s art define who they are?

On many levels – Yes. Creating any form of art is an act of honesty.

What is your favourite piece of work and what inspired you to do it?

Early childhood comics and sketches. I was so careless back then.

3 things that get you in your artistic mood.

Very early mornings. Small city birds. A good conversation.

Define what comes first – the story or the sketch?

A spontaneous sketch, well…for me it works that way… It doesn’t really take itself seriously . Mind is clear. There is no vanity. Only express. Only things you like.

I woke up in an animated world one day and..

..became a Hyperrealism painter.


Diana Naneva Illustration


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