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Meet.. Dan Wilson.

December 8, 2014


DanName: Dan Wilson

ASL: 22, Male, Basingstoke

Occupation: Musician

His thing is.. Music.

We met.. at uni halls.

About: It took me about 2 years to have a proper chat with good old Dan for the first time ever since we met at our uni halls. And then it happened again and again, again and again.. Then it took that poor lad a whole year to persuade me to check out his band. And I did (which is a really, really, really rare event), and I absolutely loved it..

As you can see we’ve been taking it quite slowly so with no further due.. Please, meet the (hopefully) future Basingstoke alternative-Brit-punk-rock legend Dan Wilson.


Who are Kilkovec?

Kilkovec are a 3 piece band. I guess we are kinda punky with a kinda poppy edge. I guess it’s loud poppy music. It’s currently made up of myself on guitar and vocals and Matt on bass and vocals. We are currently undergoing a transitional period with drummers. Working with someone but it’s not set in stone so far.

Who let the dogs out?

I’m not entirely sure how to answer the next question without saying “Who? Who? Who, who?”

Top 3 songs you should never ever use as your alarm ring tones.

As for songs I dunno if I can name 3 but I used to have an old Architects song as my ringtone and nearly had a heart attack when someone rang me at 2 in the morning. So I’d say nothing too aggressive or dissonant but to be honest I believe you should always just have your phone on vibrate I hate ring tones.

Describe your favourite band in less than 250 words without mentioning it.

My favourite band have a real interesting progression to follow musically. They’ve a lot of fans of the earlier sound however I much prefer the later stuff. They have 4 albums with a 5th coming eventually as far as I know. They kinda play a mix of like emo and shoe gaze-ish music and everything i feel when I listen expresses a lot of substance as well as a really huge sound. Their lyrics are amazing and really touch the stroppy child in me.

I woke up one day and we were about to open for.. 

.. a sold out show in London at either the forum/roundhouse/Brixton academy we had some real concerns that as openers we had a 50/50 chance of really getting the crowd going but as the lights went down we were welcomed by the sound of people chanting the outro to our latest single.

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