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Meet.. Diana Todorova.

December 1, 2014


Diana TodorovaName: Diana Todorova

ASL: 23, Female, Pleven

Occupation: Journalist

Her thing is.. Journalism.

We met.. back at high-school.

About: I must say that things between Diana and me have always worked sort of backwards.

First, I knew about that incredible high-school journalist who used to come up with staggering news stories. Let me repeat that again.. STAGGERING stories in the HIGH-SCHOOL NEWSPAPER. I hope that me repeating myself twice and using capitals would help you appreciate how rare this is. I even wanted to dig out my stash of archived issues of “Green Tomato” (that was the newspaper’s title) to demonstrate what exactly I am talking about.

Then, I met her sister, her friends and anyone but her really! After watching her reports on the national TV for a while I eventually met her as well. Yet, I never really got to talk to her or go through the embarrassment of telling her how I found everything she did to be extremely fascinating.

So, here we are a few months after I talked to Diana (and had a couple of G&Ts with her) for the first time.. The only surprise here is that I interviewed her to show you how awesome she is rather than Diana (probably) interviewing me so that I can justify why I did something incredibly stupid in public.

Didi Todorova

What is the one thing journalists must not be afraid of?

Journalists usually don’t have time to be afraid. Sometimes it takes courage to defend the integrity of your story and of the people in it.

Where is the love?

It’s in whatever pushes you to be your best version. In the feeling that you are safe. Most of all, it’s in the actions, not the words.

Top 3 favourite stories of all time you’ve worked on.

The story of Ivan Zhekov. A man who built a cinema theatre in Kavarna. When the soviet regime fell his cinema was closed. 20 years after that I took him to look for it where the cinema was supposed to be. Among the ruins there were trees growing where the screen used to be. He was over 60 when I met him and was fighting his tears the whole time.

The story of the Manifest. I was supposed to do a story about Bulgaria’s Day of independence. I decided to shoot it at the National Archives. When I got there it turned out that while they were preparing for the interview they had found the first draft of the Manifest which proclaims Bulgaria an independent country. That were the words read by Knyaz Ferdinand and you could even see his own notes in the text. It had been sitting in the archives since then and was discovered among other documents only when I called for the interview.

The story of Vasko. I met Vasko and his mother and grandmother a few years ago. Vasko had numerous disabilities – he was 3 and he couldn’t walk, talk or see. The father had left. The amount of love in that house was hard to discribe. Vasko’s mother and grandmother were trully happy to see him roll over in bed on his own. It was a hard story to do. It was also a part of a charity campaign. A few months after the campaign was over I saw Vasko’s obituary on my way to work.

Inspiration comes from..

.. seeing the things you value being appreciated by the few, very important people you keep around.

Describe the world you want to live in less than 300 words.

Men would always open the door for a girl. People wouldn’t crack their knuckles. I would get a few extra hours a day to read, during which time I am not to be spoken to – people would feel physical pain if they interrupted me at the very end of a book. Leopard print would be forbidden by the law. There would be young and normal people left in Bulgaria. Melons wouldn’t exist. I don’t like melons. Journalists would benefit from the use of common sense when they do their job. Depending on my mood I would be going around dressed either like Anna Karenina, or like Zelda Fitzgerald. Boyko Borisov would be finally hired as a fireman somewhere. Is that over 300 words already? I would learn basic mathematical operations.


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