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Meet.. Georgi Vasilev.

November 24, 2014


GeorgeName: Georgi Vasilev (Vortex)

ASL: 22, Male, Sofia

Occupation: Musician

His thing is.. Music, music, music.

We met.. Long-story. Keep reading.

About: Georgi a.k.a. Jo falls into an entirely new category for people I’ve interviewed for Chaosbook.

The first time I met him must have been ages ago while he was dating a girl from my neighborhood. Like a real gentleman he was always walking her home never mind how cold or dark it was.

Later on I started seeing him at social events – “bench” parties and gigs really. What is so special about my not-really-a-relationship with Jo is that by reading his answers I realised that none of my assumptions about him were right. So, instead of telling you who he is I am going to tell you who I though he was and who I think he really is.

He doesn’t have a weird style (in terms of clothing). He is making a point. He doesn’t necessarily hate you if he’s looking at you with his big blue eyes. He is exploring you. He doesn’t go to gigs all the time because he can. He is doing it to support the scene. He is not always front line because he likes to be squeezed by the crowd. He is doing to learn to how to own the stage.

I am equally emotional and rational but my rational side always, always, always questions people and their actions. So, those are not just random statements. Those are my observation. I’ve always questioned all of the things mentioned above but after reading Jo’s answers I know that all he ever did was for music’s sake. And in my eyes Georgi Vasilev is a person dedicated to MUSIC. That’s it.

Why Vortex?

It started from my hobby that has to do with space. I read vast amounts of books about galaxies and how they evolve and the words galaxy vortex, made me think of what would a galaxy vortex would look like. I was amazed when I saw it because it was this enormous quantity of stars just evolving in a circle like motion. I started nicknaming myself as Vortex after all this and people began to recognise me as Vortex more than my real name. After a while I found that my favorite band vocalist (Simen Hestnæs a.k.a. I.C.S. Vortex) also had this word in his stage name which made me very connected to him in one way or another. With the years passing this name started meaning a lot more than just my personality. It’s my way of life.

What was the first ever gig you attended to? When?

The first ever gig I went to was the Iron Maiden concert in 2007. It was my first ever metal band gig and it was at this point in my life that I decided to commit myself to making music and entertaining people who enjoy it. It was and it still is the best gig I’ve ever been to.

The artist/band you would never listen to is.. 

All the new pop artists. Justin Bieber , Miley cyrus and so on… I don’t like and stand against the idea that these kind of products are made only to sell. They have no soul, no real feelings about the music they make. That is why I would never listen to them or buy their albums.

Top 5 things that make you lose your faith in humanity..

1. Hypocrisy. Not the band hahaha. I love the band. But the hypocrisy in people. Mostly religious people who deny so many things to the masses but don’t deny them for themselves.
2. Animal Cruelty. All forms of animal cruelty make me feel that people are the only thing in the world that should be erased.
3. Greed. The fact that all the people in the world (yes, including me) have greed in their hearts in one way or another.
4. Politics. I don’t have to say anything about that. We all know why.
5. Lack of Honesty. Pure human honesty is something you don’t see every day and every day I see how most people are … not at all human anymore.

Describe what dedication is in less than 50 words.

Dedication is something that you have in your heart. Every night you close your eyes with the thought of the thing you are dedicated to and every morning you open your eyes with the same thought. Dedication comes after you find yourself in an idea. And when you truly find what you are and who you are in something that is worth your time (purely emotional), you become inspired. Inspiration causes dedication. The one cannot survive without the other.

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