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Meet.. Veselin Kostadinov.

November 10, 2014


Name: Veselin Kostadinov

ASL: 30, Male, Silistra

Occupation: Media-related sorcery

His thing is.. Storytelling.

We met.. because of the “Wanderers”.

About: Veselin a.k.a. brokentool should definitely pursue a career in PR. Why? Because he has mastered storytelling to an extent where he no longer needs too many words to persuade you, to inform you or to entertain you. The way I see it – you can just trust him because there ain’t nothing about him that’s not genuine.

I met him by mistake because I thought I knew him. However, I actually knew of him before meeting him. Either way it doesn’t really matter because I need to keep this one as short as simple as I can so that I don’t spoil it for you.. You know, words mean a lot more when there’s a human voice to infuse them with meaning.


Define art in less than 10 words.


What inspires a good story?

The desire to tell it.

Which is your all-time favourite drawing?

Can’t.. pick.. too many..

If you were a comic book character, who would you be?

Spider Jerusalem (Transmetropolitan)

I woke up one day and I had that superpower.. heal with a touch. So I looked around and tried to touch the whole world.


Tell me about it..

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