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Meet.. Kelly Phelps.

November 3, 2014


KellyName: Kelly Phelps

ASL: 23, Female, Bournemouth

Occupation: PR student

Her thing is.. Public Relations.

We met.. at uni.

About: Never had I ever introduced you someone who’s not Bulgarian until now. However, this is a special post for another three reasons. First,  this year I celebrated this blog’s 4th birthday  and second – this is the first Chaosbook. post after Wordchaos.‘s summer vacation (not mine really). So, to celebrate those two occasions I decided to break the habit and do something slightly different.

And no, I haven’t forgotten to tell you the third reason why this post is so special. I would like you to meet Kelly Phelps. It’s not a coincidence that she’s first non-Bulgarian person in Chaosbook. Why? Simply because Kelly is the exact definition of what it’s like to be a bright person.

I can’t really give her an award for being the embodiment of what this project is all about but at least I can share with you my admiration for Miss Phelps.

Kelly Phelps

What it’s like to be the winner of a prestigious award before you even graduated?

It feels pretty good! Being highly commended for my work by the CIPR (Chartered Institute of Public Relations) is a great achievement and something I have loved shouting about. The Douglas Smith Student Award is still quite new so it was great to get involved in. I can now take the campaign idea I created with me to job interviews and feel confident about my strategic and tactical ability.

How creative is creativity?

VERY! But I wouldn’t say it’s all about thinking outside the box. Creativity involves some strategic thinking too. I don’t think you can just jump in with a crazy idea and expect it to instantly work. It’s more about having a massive idea and then scaling it down to a size that will actually work and slot in with the brand that you are working. I heard a great phrase last week that shows this:

 ‘There’s no point in building a beautiful rocket if you send it to the wrong planet’

– Leila Mountford, Creative at Weber Shandwick

Top 3 words you never ever use.

Buzz, plethora, stupendous.

Describe what story-telling is in less than 30 words.

It is a fantastic way to communicate! It gives more insight than just factual content and can create a range of emotions with the people you are trying to target.

I woke up in a world where I have to live without my phone and.. is absolutely hideous! I feel like I’ve lost a limb. My phone is constantly glued to my hand. It sits next to me during meals, it has it’s own little pocket in my handbag and, god forbid, if I get a crack in my screen all hell will break lose! How on earth am I going to be able to see what my friends are up to? Does this mean we are going to have to communicate face-to-face? Or write a letter and wait a week for a response? What kind of world is this!


Tell me about it..

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