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Meet.. Yuliya Kosharevska.

June 9, 2014


YuliaName: Yuliya Kosharevska

ASL: 20, Female, Sofia

Occupation: Journalist 

Her thing is.. “social inclusion, politics, current affairs, the EU, international relations and social movements,  but above all.. people.”

We met.. because I loved her writing and she loved mine back.

About: Yuliya is one my most precious web friends of all time. I know how ridiculous this may sound but she really is!

We started talking at a time when it was extremely important that all Bulgarian and Romanian students should unite because the Home Office was being a bit too naughty. However, this was just the start of our ongoing bloglationship.

Regardless of the blogger solidarity I have for her, I cannot tell you how much I respect Yuliya. How can I not? She’s such a bright and gorgous young journalist that the least you can do is to see what she has to say on the Tea Story Box.Yulia

What should journalists be afraid of?

They should be afraid of forgetting what inspired them to become journalists! Many started with a pure love of storytelling; others wanted to change the world. Whatever the reason was, it should keep you going and not allow you to fall into a routine. Giving up your principles to follow an editorial line also sounds scary.

What is the hardest thing you have had to write about?

It’s always hard to write about something that you are personally attached to, because you can’t stay objective and keep the emotions away. If I have to choose one article, it would be this one: CLICK HERE. It’s an interview with the Bulgarian singer Lyuben about his song “Diamond.”

The hard bit was writing the intro and telling the story behind the song. 18 year-old Danny lost his fight with leukemia in 2012, but before he died he taught everyone a lesson: “Be strong like a diamond and fight for your dreams!”

It was so hard to write it, because Danny was a good friend who I will never forget.

With great power come..

..many e-mails and Facebook messages! And hopefully the urge to be responsible.

Top 3 things politics should not be about.

 Populism, egoism and idiotism.

 How much coffee is enough coffee for a day?

The more, the better. Two general rules apply:  “If you bring me coffee without having to ask, I love you!” and “Give me coffee to change the things I can change, and wine to accept the things I can’t!”


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