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Meet.. Vladimir Gruev.

June 2, 2014

VladimirName: Vladimir Gruev

ASL: 20, Male, Vidin

Occupation: Artist

His thing is.. Dancing.

We met.. at high-school.

About: Of all the people I have introduced you as part of this entire project, Vladimir is probably one of the hardest ones to write about. I honestly have no idea what I could possibly say about someone who I’ve barely seen standing on their feet! Really! The very fact that Vladimir probably spends 90% of his time dancing and doing his thing sums it all up pretty well.

Yet again, you might recognise him from the “Make Up, Break Up” video, where he takes part with the gorgeous Ralitsa Chepisheva. So, I thought I could do something different this week and instead of asking him some weird things about his lovely persona, I asked him the same things I asked his partner in crime.


When was the first time you realised you love dancing?

Actually, I remember that when I was a kid I hated dancing! But that was just because I wasn’t introduced to the right style of dance. I also remember that at the age of 12 when I saw someone break dancing for the first time I thought “That’s’ it, that’s me, that’s what I want to do”.

What does not make you wanna dance?

Slippery floor; uncomfortable clothes and shoes; bad music; someone’s expectations; my own expectations; essays; hot weather; little Korean guys who do impossible tricks, that I will never learn; public transport.

The music kicks in and I..

.. I try to find that element of the song that no one else has noticed before so that I can “draw” the music for those who can’t “see” it.

What are the top 5 worst type of shoes to dance with?

1. The too-slippery ones.

2. The not-slippery-at-all ones

3. Those which come off your feet

4. The new ones

5. Those super fresh sneakers in the store that I’ll never be able to afford

How brunette is brunette enough?

Have you been into a dark hole? Neither have I. Well, a bit brighter.

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