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Meet.. Ralitsa Chepisheva.

May 19, 2014


RalitsaName: Ralitsa Chepisheva

ASL: 20, Female, Sofia

Occupation: Professional Dancer

Her thing is.. Dancing.

We met.. at high-school.

About: Ralitsa is the type of friend everyone needs in their lives because it’s simply impossible for her not to be able to make your day! Seriously, she is a dancing miracle that can put up a smile on your face never mind what a crap day you’ve had.

I wasn’t able to decode the mystery behind her super power back in high-school but I am pretty sure I’ve already cracked the code! It’s simply her attitude. I have never seen her without her beautiful smile on her face (even when she was crying that one time) or moaning about what so ever. Even the way she moves and dresses (always colourful) can bring a little bit of sunshine in your day.

Yet again, never mind what I say about her I just won’t be able to describe what a bright girl she is.. unless you have seen her dance yourself! And you are lucky if you have (even if it’s only in Donna Elfy Dee’s “Make Up, Break Up” video)! Ralitsa Chepisheva

When was the first time you realised you love dancing?

It’s hard to say that I loved it when I first started. I was just a 7-year-old girl and I just got the instinct that I want to dance so I asked my mom. At the beginning it was somehow unconsciously and I didn’t realised what it is all about. But every next time I was going to the dance hall I found out that I like it more and more.  At some point (maybe after 2 or 3 years) I felt the magic of dancing and since then I have been loving it so much that it became part of my life.

What does not make you wanna dance?

Bad atmosphere, bad music and lack of confidence..

The music kicks in and I..

..feel the rhythm and the beat. Immediately my whole body, my muscles tremble, my heart starts beating quicker. I can feel the music. My imagination gives me the painting of an awesome adventure of dance movements, pirouettes, splits… It’ like a spectacle. At this point my mind steps in and says: ” Oh, I want to dance right now”. And thats the moment when the magic begins. The magic, which transfers me to another dimension, where I can go beyond my borders. The magic that brings me freedom, happiness and love.

What are the top 5 worst type of shoes to dance with?

I don’t know about the top 5 but the worst ever are spike heels.

How blond is blond enough?

I think my blond right now is blond enough. But why not even blonder?


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