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Meet.. Yavor Ivanov.

May 12, 2014


Yavor by Georgi Andinov

Yavor by Georgi Andinov

Name: Yavor Ivanov

ASL: 20 , Male, Sofia

Occupation: Law Student

His thing is.. Photography.

We met.. at high-school.

About: There are a two things that I really like about Yavor and I am pretty certain they are the ones to blame for the respect I have always had for him.

First of all, it seems that people find it hard to be straightforward. Not him. Not even once.

Second. There are many people out there who are really good at what they do. But let me tell you this.. Yavor is just one of those people who are generally good at everything simply because they do it all with passion!

I don’t really remember when was the first time I caught him wandering around with his camera in hand but I am damn sure that I knew it’s gonna be good! And it was.


Why should photography be considered as art?

I’ve never considered it as art… I’d rather say it’s some kind of experiment, which I play with. 

Do you remember the first shot ever you took?

No memories of this place but I think it was my mom standing on the beach when I was 11. She was looking classy and the film camera fit my mood.

Describe the world behind the lens in less than 10 sentences.

In 10 words – beautiful, strange, awkward, sad, happy, lovely, unexplored, squared, unreal, satisfying.

What is it NOT like to have a twin?

I dunno. I love my bro. We are inseparable cause we live together. It would like not having one arm or something like that I suppose.

Top 3 things that you hear most often are/are asked most often..

– Are you Bulgarian?

– Beautiful eyes.

– Fuck, you have a twin brother?!

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