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Meet.. Sophia Diavolova.

May 6, 2014

DiavolovaName: Sophia Diavolova

ASL: 23, Female, Sofia

Occupation: Freelance dress designer

Her thing is.. Fashion.

We met.. at high-school.

About: You do not simply forget the people that reach out to you when you are a freshman.. like never ever! And I am absolutely sure about this one because Sophia Diavolova is a living proof for that!!!

Even though that it’s been a really, really, really long time since I last saw Sophia I’ve been keeping my eye on her, wondering when she’s going to come up with something that’s gonna sweep me off my feet.

I cannot be happier that the day has come and she got in touch with me with some great news about the launch of The Mind Trip. And before your curiosity takes over, please help yourself with some fashion advice straight from the source.

The Mind Trip

Yavor Ivanov Photography

Fashion is not.. 

.. just about the clothes.

How should a woman wear her dress?

With her own charm. (Think both ways.)

What are the top 5 accessories everyone should have in their wardrobes?

I rediscovered menswear recently, so my answer will be for a man’s wardrobe: an appealing watch (no need for it to be expensive or new), triply socks (its totally sexy for a man to have cool socks), a hat (but thats a tough one), a bow for special occasions and a slim wallet not a hamburger. We girls often discuss how mens’ big wallets can ruin the whole look, deforming the silhouette..

Define what “modern” means in less than 50 words.

Up to date, willing to adapt, to change. I believe modern is more about the state of mind and being, not so much about an actual object.

I woke up in my own studio in Paris and.. 

.. realised since today time goes backwards. And i have been send on this amazing trip of figuring out how I got here.


Tell me about it..

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