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Meet.. Dimitar Dikov.

April 14, 2014


My Disorder

Name: Dimitar Dikov

ASL: 23, Male, Sofia

Occupation: Musician

His thing is.. Music.

We met.. ‘for real’ at a random gig at Stroeja back in 2011.

About: Before I actually met Dimitar I got to bump into him here and there every now and again. Therefore, at some point I ended up chatting to him after one of his band’s gigs because it was simply getting ridiculous. You know.. like when you ride on the bus with that same person every day so you just give up and acknowledge their existance by making them part of your morning or whatever routine.

And it was quite weird talking to him because before that I had only seen him on stage or at the far end of the bar (usually surrounded by a noisy group of girls). What was even weirder was the fact that he turned out to be a really nice lad. I would imagine that you’d ask – “Why the hell is that so weird then?”. Well,.. musicians. You will never really know..

My disorder

If you could be on stage with anyone who would that be?

Josh Homme. He’s always drunk as fuck.

The lyrics you are proud of are.. 

Uh, she’s a serial killer

She cuts them slice by slice

Like in a thriller

What is the weirdest thing ever you have done backstage?

Talking on the phone. Weirdo.

What are the top 3 things you must not do before a gig?

Drinking, smoking pot, masturbating.

Explain the picture below in less than 10 sentences.

My disorder3 idiots, one flower, a red couch, 2 gangster rabbits. Nothing special, talkin’ bout some carrots, rabbit stuff. The rabbits are brother and sister, and I’m trying to date the female one, but the her brother’s a little bit jealous.


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