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Meet.. Sophia Dobreva.

April 7, 2014


SophiaName: Sophia Dobreva

ASL: 23, Female, Burgas/Sofia

Occupation: Artist

Her thing is.. Art.

We met.. because she made Hayes & Y‘s first official video a lot more prettier than it would have been!

About: I love quite a lot of things and you already know that Hayes & Y are pretty high up in my top list. Therefore, when someone extraordinary makes something extra-special for my beloved Hayeses I need to step up, give them kudos and get you to know them!

And while I am being my usual stoker self, trying to find out how the hell did we end up with the most peculiar set of mutual friends, please feel free to go ahead and browse through the The Imaginary World of Sophia.


What is the first thing EVER you remember drawing?

Maybe it was not different from the classics – a house with chimney but in my memories I have always had something about clocks and sparrows.

If colors had taste, which one would be most delicious?

Definitely the aquamarine – it is always the right time for it as it tastes like watermelon covered with mint ice cream.

What did Hayes & Y do to make you take part in their video?

They promised me to share their rock star life with me and of course a lifetime supply of ice cream and vodka.

Life without art is..

..a life not worth living.

Describe how being inspired feels like in less than 30 words.

It feels like having an orgasm while jumping from a 1000 m cliff and listening to your favourite song.


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