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Meet.. Bobby Petrov.

March 24, 2014


BobbyName:  Bobby Petrov

ASL: 23, Male, Burgas/Sofia

Occupation: “PR student, blogger, amateur writer, social media junkie

His thing is.. blogging/PR.

We met.. because I  added  11AM to my News Diet

About: Bobby and I share our love for quite a lot of things.. these include PR, social media, blogging, alternative rock, 11AM and his beard. So far, so good, right? I would imagine you are starting to get where I am going with this one..

Nope, I am not implying that we’re pretty much the same person because that it NOT the case at all. What I meant is that Bobby (who I also share a surname with) is just as cool as I am! Word.

Even though that we haven’t really met I think of Bobby every once in a while. You know.. every single time I see a rubber duck I just think: “Hey, Bobby will absolutely love this one!”.  And while his thing for ducks remains a mystery, here’s what he revealed for this week’s Chaosbook.

Bobby by Dragomir Donchev

Bobby by Dragomir Donchev

What’s the time Bobby?

Right now? Um, around 15:30.

Describe “inspiration” in less than 25 words.

The feeling of mattering, right before you create something that means something to you.

How do you grow a nice beard?

With patience and care!

What’s your biggest PR fail?

Well I have more experience in advertisement and thus cannot recall examples of personal PR fails. But maybe the biggest one a man can do is to not be able to communicate himself the way he wish/should.

I woke up this morning and I was world famous..

I got up from my bed and went for a morning coffee at the beach, cause, you know, I had nothing better to do all morning. I opened my tablet and started reading the news, of course I skipped ahead all the ones about me publishing yet another book. The sun was shining at my face while I was sitting there by the water. Man, was I happy…

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