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Meet.. Hristina Ganeva.

March 17, 2014


Hristina GanevaName:  Hristina Ganeva

ASL: 22, Female, Sofia

Occupation: Musician

Her thing is.. music.

We met.. because I was after some sneaky details about her love life.

About: I’ve always been fascinated by Hristina for many reasons simply because she’s one of the brightest people I have ever met. This is why a while ago I tracked her down (literally) to get an interview and investigate what is it that inspires our own #MadeInBG punk-rock queen!

4 years later I tracked her down once again to find her in the UK still being awesome; still looking good with any hair colour; still working hard as hell and still rocking the stage with her band.

So enough with the stalking insights! Time to share all the intriguing details with you..AfterTaste

Top 5 things that changed your life since 2011.

1. AfterTaste’s debut album.  That was certainly a dream come true!

2. Making our own recording studio. We’ve been talking about taking that step and developing it into a business idea and it finally happened. Also, it was very convenient for me considering that I’ ll be graduating my Music Technology course soon.

3. Calming down? Finding a good and healthy environment, wonderful & genuine friends . Got rid of a lot of bad habits.

4. Probably coming to England to finish my degree. So far it’s been amazing!

5. Falling in love.

When should a girl change the colour of her hair?

Whenever she feels like it. No men and heartbreak should be involved.

What you must not do when love knocks on the door?

Panic. Apparently it’s a very common reaction, at least from what I’ve seen.

Describe the taste of after taste in less than 30 words.

Charming. Weirdly like-able.  It tastes like good times.

What’s your favourite AfterTaste song?

“Grow up”. It carries the name of the album for a reason. This song has a big story behind it but I’ve noticed that people don’t need to hear my story because they can relate to it. Anyway – grow old but never grow up.


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