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Meet.. Dragomir Donchev.

March 10, 2014


DragomirName:  Dragomir Donchev

ASL: 25, Male, GO/Veliko Turnovo/Sofia

Occupation: Photographer/Singer/Etc.

His thing is.. being AWsome.

We met.. because of WRCKLSS.

About: Damn, Dragomir made this week’s post so hard! I swear I was only planning to keep going on and on about what a brilliant photographer he is and how epic it is that he met Nadya Sivkova and Stefan Vasilev to bring us WRCKLSS

But no! That was way too easy, wasn’t it? Turns out that photography ain’t the end of it because Dragomir’s also the lead singer of AW (a.k.a. Audio Whores). Guess what? Well, yeah! They are damn good. However, I am gonna keep this one short because I bet there’s a lot more to know about Dragomir Donchev and I am off to investigate!


Describe a day in the life of Dragomir Donchev.

Procrastination all day long.

What are the 3 things you must NOT do during a photoshoot?

Never act creepy. Never be boring. Never  let her stay with clothes on.

Beauty is NOT..

 .. relative, it’s exact science.

Which photo makes you wanna show off?

I don’t like to show off with something that I do for fun and I know I’m not perfect at it. But I have one personal favorite photo of a girl that I took behind her back in Washington DC. I never saw her face.


Is there a photo you will never ever take? 

I’ll probably never take a photo of naked man. I mean who the hell wants to see that?

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