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March 4, 2014


“This is a story of a Journey. It is different for everyone, but if you miss taking that first step – you’ll always remain exactly where you are. Some spend their entire lives packing for it, others set off on it too fast, impatient and unprepared. Some prepare themselves so well, that in the end they forget what it is all about. Еvery Wanderer has their own Road to travel, but here’s something about roads: more often than than not, they have the tendency to cross each other..”


Angel Slavchev seeks Literature in every form of art and he always thought of himself as a Reader, in the broadest sense that he could imagine. In his head he writes constantly and sometimes he is even able to bring some of that out in the world. He has dedicated a lot of his creative energy to Wanderers (now, and in the forseeable future).


Roman Kissiov is a young artist, who switched to comics and concepat art, after a few run-ins with the reality in his native Bulgaria. His head is steaming with ideas, which is also his biggest problem – he has yet to finish any of them in praxis. Wanderers is the most serious project he has ever started with his friends and he intends to see it through. Sooner or later…

brokentoolVeselin Kostadinov always thought words and stories are important (and magical). His epic laziness, among other things, has detered him from achieveing his true dream: to become a Storyteller, worthy of the capital “S”.Wanderers is his attempt to finally stick with something to the end and see it through. Comics are a new fascination for him, but he believes that it is a unique medium and a true form of art.


I don’t always understand all types of art but I am quite good at spotting talent (and being modest). Honestly, it would be a big fat lie if I said that I am the biggest fan of comic books but you know what.. You don’t really need to be an expert to appreciate art in your own weird way.

The thing is that the Wanderers is not just art or more important – some ordinary webcomic! It’s a project that goes way beyond that because usually when the paths of a bunch of young creative people cross in a small country like Bulgaria, it simply doesn’t end there! It would start off as a sketch, then it would become an adventure. An exhibition will follow and then another, and another..

Go and check what Angel, Roman and Veselin have been working on so hard! And don’t forget that there’s always a way to support  them and contribute to their massive efforts in taking the Bulgarian comic art a step further whether it’s by liking their Facebook page; checking out their latest story; attending their exhibitions and workshops or donating a little something to keep them going!


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  1. March 4, 2014 12:33

    Reblogged this on Wanderers / Скитници and commented:
    We have the pleasure to have been noticed by Kristine and she wrote a great (and flattering) post about us in her blog. Check it out!


  1. Meet.. Veselin Kostadinov. | Wordchaos.

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