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Meet.. Elena Nedkova.

March 3, 2014


Elena by Lena Petrova

Name:  Elena Nedkova

ASL: 23, Female, Sofia (Bulgaria)

Occupation: Actress.

Her thing is..  the theater.

We met.. the same day I met Gloria Petkova.

About: Have you ever read Twilight? Unfortunately, I have and I swear I never thought I could actually refer to Stephenie Meyer but here’s a quote from her that comes in quite handy as it briefly describes the Elena Nedkova Effect.  It goes like this: “..when you see her everything changes. All of a sudden it’s not gravity holding you to the planet – it’s her. Nothing else matters. You would do anything… be anything for her.”

I tell ya.. Elena is the only person on this entire planet who makes me question my sexuality every single time I meet her. She comes in like a complete disaster, turning your whole world upside down, making you fall in love with her entire self with a glimpse, a single word.. and then she would do it again, and again, and again.

The Elena Nedkova Effect can keep you high longer than any drug. She only needs to step into the room and all of a sudden you forget everything because all you wanna do is talk to her, be like her, give her anything she wants! You’d wanna be her slave and hope that she’ll take you with her when she goes back to Wonderland.. because clearly there’s no other place where she could have come from.

Elena by Vladi

How do you die extremely dramatically?

Burn alive, probably. Somebody said I’m a witch and have the devil between my legs, so they got matches for 10 stotinki and did the job.

What is the most awkward thing that has happened to you on stage?

I had to sing once. On stage. In front of people. Never been so scared in my life.  And I forget my lines often.. So often that people know it and they are ready to cover me up, but whenever they’re not ready,well it’s awkward.

Describe what it’s like/how does it feel to slap someone/having to fight with someone on stage/camera.. and then you have to do it another 10 times until you get it right?

HDSP: Hunting Down Small Predators

Actually I did this cinema fight scene once, and it was cool. It’s dumber than it looks. A simple dance you learn by heart and repeat, and repeat and repeat. It’s just your job and you do it. If you love it, you’ll do it 325878346540328475 times. It’s up to the crew, if the crew is cool, we’re all cool. I want you cool, are you cool?

If you life was a TV-show, how would you call it and what would be your theme song?

I’ll be Cersei of the Lannisters, cooking meth (and fucking Aaron Paul). My dad (Walter White) doesn’t know about it so don’t tell him. Add vodka, mix and.. my show is ready for primetime. Can we put some catchy song like the one on Misfits? Name it “Elena” and we’re done. I WANT IT EPIC.

I woke up one day in someone else’s body and.. 

..all I could see was that gorgeous d*** hanging down there. I had nothing left to do, but to use it. Long story short, just did my best for all of them girls out there, who thought they might be virgin soon again You’re welcome, girls, you are welcome!


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