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Meet.. Daniel Velkov.

February 24, 2014


Daniel by Martin Radnev

Daniel by Martin Radnev

Name:  Daniel Velkov

ASL: 27, Male, Sofia (Bulgaria)

Occupation: Web/Graphic designer.

His thing is..  Swing/Longboard.

We met.. thanks to his gorgeous sister.

About: I met Daniel at a time when I used to look like a mentally unstable teenager who has robbed a thrift shop. Yes, I really did and honestly I must have been slightly insane/delirious because I just can’t remember what the hell we could have talked about!

Even though that I never really knew him well enough Daniel keeps surprising me as he keeps on coming up with craziest ideas! Really! Last time I met him he literally jumped over my head on a plastic surf at Parkway Drive’s first gig in Sofia. Next thing you know.. he’s teaching people how to swing with his absolutely stunning girlfriend.

Now, here’s an idea.. In order to fill in the gaps between 2008 Daniel and 2014 Daniel, please feel free to send me the some insights/stories/pictures of the weirdest things you’ve witnessed him doing. Cap ou pas cap?

Swingin Monkeys

What are the 3 things you were NOT in your previous life?

I was NOT a tree, tire or Santa.

Describe a slow motion fall from a longboard in less than 30 words.

In a split second you feel something is wrong, you know you will fall. You brace for impact, in a sudden moment you feel your skin peeling from the asphalt.

Swing is.. 

..a dance that gives you wiiiings!

What do you do when you drop your lady on the dance floor?

Fall on top of her. Pick her up and continue as nothing have happened. Make it look cool.

Which is the song that makes you wanna dance-dance-dance-dance?

I go ape shit on that one..

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