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Meet.. Gergana Baykusheva.

February 17, 2014



Name:  Gergana Baykusheva

ASL: 23, Female, Sofia (Bulgaria)

Occupation: Archaeologist

Her thing is..  Archaeology.

We met.. when she moved in Oxford for her MA degree.

About: To be honest I must say that meeting Gergana was not one of the most exciting events. It was rather intrusive (on my end) because that poor girl was still in her pijama and her hilarious sheep slippers while I was feeling unusually chatty way too early in the day.

I don’t really know Geri that well to make any statements about her personality or what so ever. But let me tell ya.. we have now met on several occasions and we’ve been through quite a lot of bottles of wines.. and various topics that made me believe she has one of the most peculiar occupations.

So here’s the deal.. while I am getting to know her better and laughing at all the weird stuff that happens to archaeologists, you better find yourself your own archaeologist but here’s a tip – make sure you gear up with plenty of wine. Those people are hardcore!

Gergana - diggings

What is the weirdest thing you’ve found when digging?

Unfriendly snake beneath a huge stone.

 If you find a new ancient city how would you name it?

Oh. That must be some really famous place…keep digging…the clue is somewhere here.

Describe an average day at diggings.

It starts before sunrise until it gets too hot for working on site. Bring your finds from the day at the base; measuring; drawing; description and welcome to my Kingdom of the Conservator’s Laboratory. Finish the practical work; go to the hotel; have a meal; have a drink; have a talk and suddenly realize – we have less than 4 hours till breakfast.

3 things that an archaeologist always has in their pocket/bag.

Trowel, brush, tape-measure.

Archaeology is not for..

Indiana Jones, he blows up every temple he enters.


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