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Meet.. Teodor Tsvetkov.

February 10, 2014


Teodor Tsvetkov

Name:  Teodor Tsvetkov

ASL: 19, Male, Vidin/Sofia (Bulgaria)

Occupation: Musician/Student

His thing is.. Punk.

We met.. at high-school.

About: I have a thing for guys called “Teodor”. I really do! But I should say that even though that they are all weirdos, all of the Teodors I’ve meet are weird in so many different ways. This is why years ago I came up with a system that would help me tell my stories in a better way.

So, it goes like this.. I am talking to someone about something and I happen to mention the name Teodor. The person I am talking starts staring at me because they either don’t know which Teodor I am referring to or wonder why I change the tone of my voice every time I mention that name. Then, in order to explain really briefly who the hell I am referring to, I use the following details – where I know him from/where we met or something strictly place-related; what I like about him; what I dislike about him.

Got it? Yes? No? Maybe? Well, I will use my dear baby-kitty-cat-punk-ass-Teodor Tsvetkov as a case study.

Bla-bla-bla Teodor. You know.. FELS (that’s the name of our high-school), weird hair, skater (don’t even start me on this one). Yep, same guy who tends to say the most ridiculous things every single time we meet. That Teodor who has changed his hair style more than an average teenage girl. Same kid who grew up to be not only a groupie but a proper musician.

Teodor by Ursus Photography

Punk is.. 

My way of explaining myself, the things around me and their significance in my life.

How would you explain the word “swag” to someone who has never heard it before? 

Buying colorful and expensive (but ugly) clothing to hide your lack of personality.

Which is the one and only band you truly hate/dislike?

Thirty Seconds to Mars. I guess I’m into bands that are keeping it real rather than the ones that see themselves as some kinds of Gods with talents that ”no one” else has.

What do you do when you fall from the stage? 

Did I just peed in my pants? No?! So there’s nothing to see here people. Move along.

10 things you should not do with a guitar string..

1.Clean your ears.

2.Tie few of them around the room in a square to make a wrestling ring.

3.Dunk it in radioactive chemicals. Lick it and then become Bulgaria’s next super villain.

4.Go on a romantic date with it.

5.Use it as your support/healer in an intense multiplayer game.

6.Buy a separate concert ticket for it so you can carry it with you.

7.Make it talk. You’re not a ventriloquist, you can’t make it talk.

8.Knit a sweater with it.

9.Kill your boss.

10.Kill yourself.. well, it might do the job for you but don’t do it anyway.

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