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Meet.. Desislava Madjunova.

February 3, 2014


Desislava by Stefan Vasilev

Name:  Desislava Madjunova

ASL: 19, Female, Sofia (Bulgaria)

Occupation: Drama/Acting Student

Her thing is.. Performing.

We met.. at high-school.

About: This may sound harsh but when I heard that Dessy existed I knew I have to meet her as soon as possible. Oh, well.. this sounds weirder than I expected so just let me explain!

When she was in her first year in our high-school all of a sudden I started showing up at two places at the same time.. or at least people thought so. Quite a lot of friends started asking me why I’ve been somewhere, doing something I wouldn’t usually do or wondering why I haven’t said “Hello” (I actually do that when I have my headphones on) until one day a classmate told me that there’s this awesome fresher who somewhat looks like me (that’s a massive compliment but a bit exaggerated).

I swear I felt like the God Father when I actually met her! She was the mini Me that would’ve taken over the world when I was gone; my young apprentice; the young sister I never had and.. You get what I am trying to say, right?

Hopefully, she is doing absolutely fine without me looking after her and that makes me even prouder of my dearest Desislava!

How many types/styles of dancing you’ve been associated with?

Hm.. about 7-8-9? I think.. When I was 7 years old I started with modern and classical ballet; then I was dancing Bulgarian folk dances for almost 5 years; then I started going to Indonesian dancing classes for about 4-5 years. Yet, during that time I’ve always have had passion for hip-hop and contemporary dance. These are the main styles I’ve been learning.

What’s “the thing” you haven’t tried yet? 

 I can’t think of such thing. But if I do, I will try it for sure!

What is your dream role? 

I’m open for many roles and I cannot choose only one. But I love movies with/for dancing. So this would be a movie/play I would love to be part of. After all, these are THE things that I do.

Describe an “artistic” person with less than 25 words.

Someone who is: – creating art; not following the heard – a leader; exploring everything all the time; extreme and simple at the same time. 

Talent is not.. 

..the most important thing! Work, work, work and again – work! This is the only key that can unlock your talent and make it valuable.


Tell me about it..

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