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Top 3 TV soaps of all times!

January 30, 2014

One of my Facebook friends recently posted a song that reminded me of Thalia (big time childhood lady crush) when all of a sudden it hit me! Thalia was actually playing Rosalinda del Castillo Romero de Altamirano/Paloma Dorantes in the Mexican telenovela “Rosalinda”.

As you may imagine the next thing that happened was me harassing Google in order to find the top 3 most ridiculous TV soaps I used to watch when I was young. No judging please! There was a time when having more than 3 TV channels was a blessing and Cartoon Network was still a guilty pleasure. In other words – it’s not like there was much choice.

So, here they are! The top 3 TV soaps of all times!!!

1. This one goes to my inspiration for this post.. “Rosalinda”.


I swear I used to love the theme song! Check out the intro HERE!

2. I bet your grandma would have loved this one.. “Kassandra”.


Osvaldo Rios is pretty much all I remember! Check out the intro HERE.

3. The one and only.. “The Bold and the Beautiful”.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Oh, dear! 6,748 episodes later and still running. Check out the intro HERE.

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