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Meet.. Nikolaos-Teodoros Tsitiridis.

January 27, 2014


Nikolaos TsitiridisName:  Nikolaos-Teodoros Tsitiridis (a.k.a. Dodo)

ASL: 19, Male, Sofia (Bulgaria)

Occupation: Journalist

His thing is.. Journalism/Drums.

We met.. backstage before his band’s gig. I found 10 quid that same day (FYI).

About: I’ve know Nikolaos a.k.a. Dodo for a while but perhaps I should say that I used to know him a long, long, long time ago. Last time I saw him he still had his long hair and I am absolutely sure he did not even consider selling his black leather jacket (which I hope he had finally managed to sell to some poor soul).

Rumor says that he has now become a quite impressive young man with loads of potential and a great future ahead of him. And I have no doubt that’s true because I’ve always known that there was a lot more to the whole story.. a lot more to Dodo’s slightly crazy persona and absolutely, ridiculously funny character.

Well, I hope I will get to meet him once again at some point to find for myself and check out whether he sold that damn jacket!

dodo 2

What is the meanest article you have ever written?

There is no such article. Mean materials are written by bad journalists and I’m certainly not that type of journalist and will never be!

What is the type of journalist you want to be?

Television is my passion. I think the camera loves me, so I feel like a need to respond to that love. I dream to anchor a talk show in Bulgaria!

 What is the one thing you are NOT proud of?

Hard question. Hard because I can’t think of anything in my life I’m not proud of.

Define “free speech” with less than 30 words.

Free speech is when a person can speak his mind out loud without feeling threatened, scared, bad or even stupid. Freedom means freedom.

 Drummers are..

Sexy beasts with crazy eyes.

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  1. potnametalka12 permalink
    January 27, 2014 19:06

    tozi dodo be…

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