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Meet.. Adriana Vasileva.

January 22, 2014


Adriana Vasileva

Name:  Adriana Vasileva

ASL: 23, Female, Sofia (Bulgaria)

Occupation: Comms/Social Media Guru

Her thing is..  Blogging

We met.. at an intern party at M3College.

About: Ah, sweet Adriana! Yes! I can still recall that summer evening.. Mojito in my hand and Adi next to me. I tell you – in some kind of alternative universe that would have been a great love story that could have started on that intern party.

There was something about Adi.. Well, actually there was everything about Adi! I do not have the words to describe neither my surprise nor my excitement following every single time she shocked me with how many things we have in common. But I know that this peculiar mix of feelings was mutual because we spend most of the night finishing each other’s thoughts/sentences.

Enough with my memories! Here are the facts: Adriana Vasileva is one of the warmest, kindest and smile-st person I have met so far. That’s that!

Adriana Vasileva

What are the 7 things that make you smile on a daily basis?

My boyfriend Filip; Family and Friends; Tea; Books; Facebook; Music; Random people smiling on the street..

Define happiness in a sentence.

Happiness is mutual Love.

Blogging is NOT…

..A chore.

What is the story behind ‘A Piece of Adi’?

Life is like a puzzle – everything is chaotic but at the same time connected. I’m just a piece of it.

What is your favourite sweet/chocolate food/flavour? 

I love-love-love vanilla and marzipan.

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  1. January 22, 2014 08:19

    Kristine, Kristine <3 You're such a sweetie, thanks for the kind words, I really hope one day to be a guru :D


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