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Meet.. Yvo Bojkov.

January 13, 2014


Yvo Bojkov

Name: Yvo Bojkov

ASL: 31, Male, Sofia (Bulgaria)

Occupation: Human of the Year 2013

His thing is.. Journalism.

We met.. On good old My Space.

About: Yvo Bojkov is one of those people you don’t really need to introduce because their personality is way too charismatic to be hidden behind complimentary words or what so ever.

I chose Yvo to be the first Chaosbook. personality of 2014 for two main reasons. First of all he just became Human of the Year for 2013 and I cannot congratulate him enough on his achievement! Second – I hope that he could somehow be an inspiration for many of you.. Do not to close your eyes on reality, speak up and stand up for your rights!

Yvo Bojkov

Source: BBC

What is it like to be the human of the year?

It is a great honor to be recognized as one of the people that made an impact during 2013 in Bulgaria. I received 4 prizes for online journalism and media because of my live streams of important events and protests that occurred during the whole year. It gives a great amount of self-recognition but also a great amount of duty to continue.

What is your worst habit? 

My worst habit is a traditional one – to do important things in the last possible minute. I hope that in 2014 I will start to overcome this very very bad habit.

Describe modern journalism with less than 25 words.

Modern journalism is citizen journalism that respects journalist ethics, fully uses all the modern communication channels and is not afraid of standing behind a cause.

What are the 5 things that make us people?

Liberty, Solidarity, Mutual respect, Goodness and Competition. I don’t put into those words an ideological or political value. I believe that free thinking/expressing people that have learnt to stand for their views and respect their differences are better people. A society where competition between opinions and people doesn’t go hand in hand with solidarity is primitive one.

“The change” starts with.. 

The change starts with your own world. “Cloud Atlas” is my actual favorite movie because of this idea that I fully believe in: even the smallest insignificant act that we make or view that we stand for is changing the world that we will live in.


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