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Meet.. Gloria Petkova.

December 24, 2013


Gloria PetkovaName: Gloria Petkova

ASL: 22, Female, Sofia (Bulgaria)

Occupation: Model

Her thing is.. Art.

We met.. on Halloween, 2007.

About: I met Gloria back in 2007  (or at least it must have been 2007) on a random Halloween afternoon. To be honest it’s quite hard for me to recall loads of details from this day (might be the red wine or simply the ageing) but I most certainly remember her!

She had a really short black wig on, wearing her high goth boots and a tiny little dress while a massive cross was hanging from her neck. I even found some photos from the day but I ain’t getting myself into trouble by posting them out here.

The next time we met was in front of her high-school years later. She just came along out of nowhere, greeted me and we had a quick chat which got me thinking.. “How the hell does she remember my name?”, “How is it possible that she’s so nice?”, “Damn she’s still so gorgeous!”..

Ever since then Gloria has been changing locations, hair styles, occupations and pretty much everything that you can “label” in some kind of way! I  seriously have no idea how you can keep track of the way her life develops and where the art will take her.. but I hope that next I see her she will still remember my name.

Gloria Petkova

What are the 3 things that inspire you on daily basis?

Herbs, music and movies.

What is your secret guilty pleasure?

I love to browse on 9gag and Buzz Feed… I can spend hours… also all those series… my top now are Daria (oldie but goldie) and American Horror Story.

When should a woman change her hair?

Well thats a tricky one because I have done it just this year and I felt so refreshed. So, I will say whenever it feels needed!

How would you describe your music to a deaf person?

Well, I will have to find a great dancer I guess…

Art is not.. 

 ..a gift! It’s a burden.


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