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Meet.. Nadya Sivkova.

December 9, 2013

Nadya SivkovaName: Nadya Sivkova

ASL: 24, Female, Sofia/Plovdiv (Bulgaria)

Occupation: Make Up Artist

Her thing is.. Make up.

We met.. Online.

About: Ah, Nadya Sivkova!  I can reassure you that she’s the first lady that I am presenting you for a reason!

Apart from being absolutely gorgeous Nadya is an extremely talented make up artist. You’d imagine that she’s the type of girl, who’s not afraid to get her hands dirty. Oh, thee irony! Yet again, she’s one of those charismatic people you just wanna talk to! And her brilliant personality doesn’t make this hard..

According to Facebook, I became friends with Nadya in August 2012 which is an absolute shame because I haven’t had the chance too meet her in person.. yet!

Nadya Sivkova

Nadya Sivkova by Stefan Vasilev

What is the thing that will never be part of your wardrobe?

Crocs for sure! Maybe a sexy Santa costume..

What’s your reaction when someone tells you look like Lana Del Rey?

Rolling my eyes ‘in reality’ but secretly saying “Yayy!” in my mind.

You know it’s the wrong lipstick when.. 

When it looks ridiculous? I believe that everyone can wear everything, as long as it’s done right, there are just some ground rules to follow.

What’s the one thing that make up can’t hide?

Intelligence and personality! For real.. under eye hollows are pretty hard to cover.

Describe what beauty is in a sentence.

Beauty is easy.

Tell me about your dog!

Nadya Sivkova

My pup is my other half, she’s the sweetest chihuahua you’ll ever meet. Everyone is saying that our personalities are very alike. We just found each other..


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