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Meet.. Stefan Vasilev.

December 2, 2013


Stefan VasilevName: Stefan Vasilev

ASL: 32, Male, Sofia (Bulgaria)

Occupation: Brand Designer

His thing is.. Photography.

We met.. you will find out really soon.

About: It’s so hard to introduce you Stefan Vasilev because it’s simply impossible to describe my fascination with his work! If I try to put it in words it would sound like..

Scrolling down my Facebook dashboard and seeing Stefan’s teaser photo from Nadya Sivkova’s latest photoshoot makes me feel like.. I am 5 again and I’ve just seen my presents under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning!

And I am not even going to try to tell you what an amazing person he is because you’re not going to believe me anyway!

Nadya by Stefan Vasilev

Nadya Sivkova by Stefan Vasilev

Describe the most magical place you have already seen in 25 words.

I spent a week in Venice with my girlfriend a couple years ago for our summer vacation, and it was simply amazing. Interesting, full of people, loud, alive, hot, scented, beautiful, ancient, inspiring, overwhelming, musical, surprising… I came a few words short, hope that is OK, words are not my forte.

Which are the 3 colors that make you sick?  

Lime green, neon yellow, and I think I pretty much like any other color – given the right reincarnation.

Who told you that you are a good photographer?

I keep getting surprised by random people telling me that. I know the people close to you count more, but then when you think about it – it is their intention to make you feel good, usually that is. So for me random people saying something like this means quite a lot.

What was your “Urban Saints” inspiration?

Beautiful people and places around me that we usually take for granted.

Which photo makes you feel proud of yourself?

Any photo that attracts the attention of even one person. For me personally this means that I achieved what I set out to do – touch people and make them feel something.


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