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Meet.. Blagoslav Anastasov.

November 17, 2013

finale cgaosbook

Blagoslav AnastasovName: Blagoslav Anastasov

ASL: 22, Male, Sofia (Bulgaria)

Occupation: Musician, Student

His thing is.. Music.

We met.. after he randomly messaged me to let me know how much my band sucked.

About: Blagoslav is a song-writer (who takes his time when you ask him to send you his lyrics), vocalist and guitarist at Hayes & Y a.k.a. ex-Gross. He’s also my best friend who sure knows how to spoil me with loads of Pearl Jam presents and attention!

We graduated the same high-school but we actually met after he randomly messaged me on Facebook about 4 years ago. I am pretty sure the conversation we had that day was absolutely ridiculous because he was clear about two things – how much my band and my favourite football team sucked! At some point he sent me few demo songs and I fell in love with his band..

Ever since, he’s been an extremely important part of my life. Yet, I am also an important part of Hayes & Y because I am their biggest fan and what’s more important.. their N#1 groupie! Ha!

Hayes & Y

What are the 5 things that you won’t be seen doing early in the morning?

Pole dancing, gardening, getting my nails done, playing golf and shaving!

Who told you that you can sing?

Can I?

What is your wildest dream?

Going to the UK with the band. Playing in crappy pubs. Getting discovered by a really low-profile manager. Not making any money. Working at a crappy restaurant during the day and playing a little less crappy bars at night. Making a fan. Playing a very small festival at lunchtime. Opening for a Red Hot Chilly Peppers tribute band. Hating it. Getting bigger. Making fans. Releasing an album. Playing every possible venue in UK. Getting noticed.

What is the most ridiculous thing that inspired one of your songs? 

Most of my songs are about.. Well you know, love. And never about happy endings… There is one, however, that fits the question.. It’s a very old one and we rarely play it nowadays but.. 4-5 years ago I had this riff and was thinking about a title, though I didn’t have any lyrics. I was in high school sitting next to a friend of mine and told him I wanted a bizarre title. He suggested using the first thing that I saw and that was, in fact, antibacterial hand tissues. So I called the song “Antibacterial” and wrote the lyrics for it..

Take some of this in your hands (It’s antibacterial)

Then put it onto your face (It’s antibacterial)

And when your skin starts falling (It’s antibacterial)

I’m gonna use you as my (New antibacterial)

I always said it had a deeper meaning and you’re free to look for it but I can’t believe these are the lyrics you’re making me post! I have some that I’m actually proud of.

Your FAVOURITE song ever is..  

Since it’s really an impossible question to answer, I’ll give you the one that is the most meaningful to me …


Tell me about it..

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