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November 10, 2013


I came up with the idea of Chaosbook.  a while ago while I was scrolling down my Facebook dashboard (a.k.a. the usual source of inspiration for this blog). Unfortunately, something went wrong and it never came to life!  The lack of time at this point of my life wasn’t  really helping and I completely forgot about the project. However, I eventually managed to find some time to start all over again so Chaosbook. was finally brought to life.

Why Chaosbook.?

I’ve met a lot of people so far.. Some of them impressed me, other inspired me. Either way, those people somehow changed my life and presenting them to You is the least I can do! I like to think of this project as Wordchaos.‘s tiny Facebook “archive” of extraordinary people and this is the exact reason why I called it Chaosbook. 

What is Chaosbook. about?

Every once in a while I will introduce you SOMEONE, who managed to get my attention by doing SOMETHING absolutely epic or just pretty damn cool!

I will ask them a couple of weird QUESTIONS and I will let them sweat while reading my complimentary words that describe their great personality.

What to expect in Chaosbook. ?

Every post will be in a pretty standard format. Brief introduction that will aim to explain what’s so special about this person; some embarrassing comment about their personality or the weird story of how we (have never) met; few dumb questions!


Tell me about it..

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