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The Aftermath: Text Your Ex 2013

November 1, 2013

I have been begging you to send me your stories for the last two years.. And I must say that I am quite disappointed by the amount of text-my-ex-stories that I received. On top of that I had to resist posting everything because there were few quite inappropriate/embarrassing stories that I will keep for some future “Text-Your-Ex SPECIAL” post!

And while my Text Your Ex Day was pretty calm..

.. I must say one big “THANK YOU!” to the people who made my day this year! Just keep reading..

The Revenge Text.

 Ex messaged me that he wanted to get back together on the 31st of March. The pussy left me hanging and crying for а whole day. Тurned out that it was just an April Fools’ joke.

Yesterday, I sent him a picture of my very attractive new bf and a text full of love. Bastard called to apologize. HA!

Karma? WTF?

I drunk-text like every single time!!!!! We got drunk one night with the gals so we decided to rename all my exes on my phone to Ex1, Ex2, etc cause it was funny at that time.

Got even drunker. I wanted to text my most recent ex cause I wanted him back.

Messaged wrong ex and actually ended up getting back together with him. And we’re sort of getting married soon so why not text??? This time it turned out okay I guess. HAHA!

Auto-correct strikes again!

You think those lil pics you post with the auto-correct are funny?

Got drunk and I wanted to message my ex that I am sorry for him cause he is such a stupid motherfucker.

For all I know he rang me the next day to ask if I really fucked his father.

FYI His parents divorced cause his dad was having an affair with some young chick..

The Facebook Update.

I really hope that this thing is anonymous cause I’m damn sure people’d message me to note the fact that I am a complete idiot!

Didn’t really message my ex. Randomly sent her a relationship request on FB…

The thing is that the crazy bitch accepted. FML!

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