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“Great Britain. You are invited!”

March 9, 2013

The year is 2013 and I am impressed! Congratulations to British Airways who managed to make me forget how much I hate flashmobs for a second. See how they did that:

However, I cannot skip the opportunity to pay attention TO THIS. Yep, the banner that states:  “Great Britain. You are invited” (or at least the translation says so)Congratulations Russia, you have been invited! You can join the Bulgarians and Romanians in 2014! Oh, wait none of them are invited and I am confused. Let’s start all over again.

So, everyone’s welcome because everything is GREAT..

 .. but at the same time we shouldn’t bother because it is not so great?

Well, I am not sure what more I can say! I’ve said enough about my position on the expected “invasion” of the UK in 2014. I not even sure what to say about British Airline’s campaign because it’s quite nice. However, its timing – really poor. I hope they’ve made their research well enough to be able to handle the other “12 million Eastern European invaders” that will be asking the same question!

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