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Merry Christmas! Welcome to reality!

December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas to all of you and especially to all the students across the world who don’t have the opportunity to be with their families during the holidays.. just like me. I know it’s hard but this is what makes us strong!

And to my lovely readers.. Thank you for all the messages and e-mails in the last few months! I am not dead yet indeed. I know I haven’t been writing much but as you know I have my reasons. Basically, I have been working my ass off so I don’t have much free time (means no time at all).  Yep, rent won’t pay itself! However, Wordchaos. ‘s Facebook is pretty much active so go and check it out!

Unfortunately, I can’t promise that I will be online more often in 2013 as I am  looking for a placement for my 3rd year at Uni.. and it’s not only that. However, keep in mind that I have so many things to discuss with you (hope I will have the time to do it soon). Yet, if I start listing them right here, right now I will spend at least 2 hours editing this post but I have business to do. So, ..

..once again. See you in 2013! Don’t miss out on telling me how was New Year’s Eve for you. I know how’s mine going to be.. Working.


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