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November 20, 2012

You know I’m an addict! There are only few TV-shows that I don’t like (watch). However, you should know that I got addicted to all those series I’ve told you about just because I struggle with  finding some good movies – new or old. It’s either that I’ve watched them like a hundred times already or I’d never consider watching  the films, promoted as “similar”.

So, there I was.. trying to find something to watch (season break for quite a few TV-shows). And I found it – the most genius website ever created!!!

Basically, solved all my film related issues for less than 2 minutes. How? Well, first – I managed to find about 3 movies that I’ve been trying to find for the last (lets say..) 6 years. Yeah, you know those situations when you remember the plot or some of the actors and that’s all! Second, I found something good to watch with 7 clicks. And last but not least – I finanlly considered to subscribe to something! Yes, I did! Why? Because Jinni enables you to build up your Movie Personality and get recommendations without spending hours in search of similar movies to whatever your favourite film is.

I need to underline that I don’t usually endorse anything more than bands or other bloggers. Furthemore, I basically use my Twitter account to do the opposite thing. However, this post is totally worth it because is a great website and you should definitely check it out!

PS. Jinni is also on Twitter and I believe that its team would be more than happy to hear some good stuff about their amazing “Taste Engine for Movies and TV-shows”!

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