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What’s wrong with your kids?!

November 9, 2012

I have been trying so hard not to talk about Halloween! Mainly because all I could really say about it is that it’s just another holiday I sincerely dislike. Yes, I do but trust me with this one.. I have my reasons. However, I am not going to talk about my attitude towards Halloween in details. I won’t even tell you how disappointed I was by the human race while working on Halloween! I just want to see your side of the story!

First! What is it about Halloween that makes you work so hard to get a fancy costumeYou know what I mean, don’t you? If not – just check out Jenna Marbles’s video on the topic HERE.

My second questions can be put like that: Where are the kids Pete Wentz talks aboutAnd because I am pretty sure what you’re about to see has  enough to do with Halloween, I would like to rephrase my question and ask: What is wrong with your kids?!

Not sure if it’s the education, the society, the generation gap or the parents. Maybe it’s that destructible mixture of them all. What do you think?

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