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Text Your Ex Day?

November 2, 2012

Mixed messages about people celebrating “The National Text Your Ex Day” have been popping up both on Twitter and Facebook.. However, this process has been ongoing for 5 days now. Well, I am kinda starting to think that probably we’re celebrating the International Text Your Ex Week rather than the confusing when and unspecified “national” where Text Your Ex Day.

Googling “Text Your Ex Day” did not help me much with answering those two questions. Yet, 9GAG claims that it was 3 days ago a.k.a. 29th of October and I will just make my life easier and accept the fact that I missed the opportunity to wish you “Happy Text Your Ex Day!!!” or what’s more important – text any of my exes.

So, I am standing here, reading “21 ways texting you Ex can go VERY wrong” and I feel a bit disappointed. Not because I missed the chance to text my long-forgotten exes. Perhaps because I have had one and only offshoot and it was kind of like that..

And I had an idea.. Why don’t you send me you “Ex Messaging” story and I will publish the most embarrassing one out here anonymously?

No, seriously! Send me your story on Facebook (or as an anonymous comment below) until the 15th of November and I will be more than happy to rate your story from “been there, done that” to “epic fail”!


Tell me about it..

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