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The invisible people, serving you 24/7

October 8, 2012

Oh, hello there!

Yes, I am still alive and yes, I realise that I haven’t been really active out here. Sorry about this but loads of things are going on.. unfortunately, not in Wordchaos. FYI, if you miss me that much, you can always check what’s new on Glipho, Facebook, Twitter or even Tumblr. Yet, I can see that even though I am not that active, you are still clicking around all those profiles. So, this made me wanna tell you what exactly has been going on.

Long story-short: I found myself a job. Two, to be precise.

I was about to share with you my struggles with my CV and the cover letter preparations but I realised that I will be applying for a placement in the next 6 months so it won’t look good at all on my blog. The post I was about to put out here would have been a copy of my cover letter, followed by cover letter which would have looked like if I was about to do what  Elly Nowell did. If you don’t get what I just told you – well, it would have been a real cover letter. Something like..

Dear future obviously not-mine Employer,

I know that I am not getting this job either way because you’ve already decided that I am not qualified enough.

I am pretty sure that you will get to see this post really soon but now let’s get back to this one.. So, where was I? Oh, right – my current jobs and what inspired me to tell you all that. Well, it was an article that I read in some weird newspaper (more than 5 years ago) and it was formulated as an open-letter from a  tram or bus driver to the general publics and it really touched me, I tell you!  The fact that I still remember it tells it all! So, what I will do now is give you a brief description of my job and then I will tell you a bit about the most ridiculous (usual) things that got my attention so far.

Here we go..

I just can’t help it but declare that I am working in the most awesome club! Yes, I am a bartender and I like it! It’s not like I’m a pro or anything but I kinnda achieved one of my dreams (Shhh, it’s a secret!). However, there are some things that simply won’t leave my mind at rest.

For instance – the fact that I can see you! The bar between us, doesn’t make me blind and you Sir/Madam do not need to lie on the bar, push or pull me, jump, scream or throw things at me. I can clearly see that you’ve been there for like half a minute and that guy/girl next to you, who’s been waiting for 5 minutes can see you just as well!!!

I am not deaf and I kinnda need my ear-drum. However, we’re in a club. You see that huge bass column next to me. Well, your order is not a dirty little secret so you don’t need to whisper it in my ear. Either way, you can decide exactly what you want before ordering because it’s my salary that goes down every time you change your mind if you’re gonna have a single vodka or a double whisky! Yes, it still counts if you decide not to pay and run away with your drink or you just don’t feel like paying the full price.

You want to speak to the manager? Well, this information may be new to you but they are available out there for you. However, they clearly can’t help you being..

.. not cool.

The fact that I am behind the bar doesn’t mean that I am dumb or anything. Unfortunately, I am the one, studying for a university degree, working my ass off to pay my rent so chill down a bit! And that 10p you usually lose on the way back home and insist on getting back.. Yeah, these 10p could be my tip.

My other job is not that cool. I don’t feel like talking about it at all because every day after work I feel like cutting my feet off with the butt-end of an axe..

You know that invisible force that brings some order to the shop you thrash down? Well, that’s me. You know that invisible person that folds up the clothes you throw on the ground and mess up? Yeah, that’s me again. And even though that I am there to make sure that you’re getting the best customer experience perhaps you should keep in mind that I’m not paid to be your personal hanger.

 You can complain from everything but if I could rate or complain from your behaviour and the way you treat me like a slave, you’re not getting into any store in the whole wide world never, ever again!

I am sure there’s loads more to say but.. you won’t be able to get the rest of it if you’re not dealing with customer services. It’s just that my recent employment made me think that whoever claims to be an altruist – he/she certainly has not been dealing with people for real! Seriously!!! No human being would be able to love the human kind after experiencing.. people.

However, the main reason I wanted you to know all of these things is that karma exists. Yes, I’ve been on the other side and perhaps I’ve done the exact same things I am complaining from right now. And I really hope you will remember all those things I told you about – just like I remembered that driver’s open letter. Not that this is going to change the world and not that I am not paid to deal with all this stuff but it’s just that what goes around, comes back around.. And God help you if you find yourself working for minimum wage, serving people 24/7!


Tell me about it..

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