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South East gather! 5MNON’s E.P. is coming up!

October 2, 2012

You know those charming Southampton boys I told you about few months ago.. Well, South East England gather  Five Miles North of Nowhere‘s E.P. is coming up in less than 2 weeks!!!

Unlike last time (hopefully) I won’t miss the promo event a.k.a. Oct, 17th (Wednesday). 19:30. Club Joiners.

This is going to be the promo gig for their first official E.P. However, they will actually launch it online before the concert itself – on Oct, 15th. It will be available (FYI: just like their shirts but not their lyrics) for you out there. What’s more – it will be for free!

And as much as I want to talk about how awesome they are and so on, I will just mention that they will be playing with Baby Godzilla. Yes, rumour says they are pretty awesome as well. Yet, this time I will wait until after the concert to make further comments. Just in case.. you know. It may turn out that the band has been reading my blog or who knows what..

For more information: 5MNON’s Facebook /Twitter page or HERE

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