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How’s your British?

September 13, 2012

I really enjoy sharing with you all those epic things I find online.  So thanks to my lovely habit I’ve already tested your British accent, your understanding of the British humour and some other stuff. This is why I can’t stop myself from sharing two really important (and thematic) things with you once again.

The first thing is this short guide to “What the British say?”..

..and the second thing is a picture from my first induction lecture for intenational students (in  a British university).

Rumor says that the British humor’s weird (not funny) but that’s not true at all! I realised that recently while talking to one of my flatmates, who has an interesting theory on the topic. He suggests that it’s not weird at all because it’s just what humour should be like. Why agree with that? Well, after re-thinking what he said I came to the conclusion that in Bulgaria for instance humor is most likely to be based on laughing at someone/something by humiliating and mocking. And this.. this is not really humor – not even irony, nor sarcasm!

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