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September 11, 2012

So! I will keep it as short as simple as possible. I am not in a blogging mood and I have no intention to waffle because I’m in between two episodes of Revenge.

Yep. Even though it’s still summer, I found a TV-show that’s worth watching.  It has a bit of the usuals but what I like in particular about it is Amanda Clarke a.k.a. Emily Thorne a.k.a. Emily VanCamp.

There are three unsual things that this movie made me think of. First of all VanCamp (or more precisely her character in the show) is the second chick (after Spencer Hastings of  Pretty Little Liars series a.k.a. the unbelievably gorgeous Troian Bellisario) that made me google her.  Second – I like her character simply because she’s the type of Supergirl I am. And of course – third: not many vampires, ghosts or too sexy men (way more than I can handle) in the show itself.

Basically, Revenge is a “must watch” if you don’t have much to do in tha last days of the summer! See for yourselves..

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