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Linkin Park owned massively!!!

August 30, 2012
Buzzing around at M3 College I was just stunned!!! Want to know why? Well, before I start explaining why, I should mention something..

Some of you perhaps know that Linkin Park were my favourite pre-teenage band! If you are not one of those people, I should clarify that by “favourite” I mean.. having all their CDs, pictures, posters, T-shirts and stuff like that.

So, lets get to the point which is not that Linkin Park just launched their new single “Lost in the echo”. The thing is that they launched it in  such a creative way that made me (my PR side) want to cry! And as much as I don’t like LP’s new style/albums/songs (can’t say that about Mike Shinoda, who seems to me just as gorgeous as before), I just can’t stop myself from sharing with you what kind of amazing IMC campaign they presented to the World Wide Web.

Maybe it’s enough to share their special webpage on the occasion. Yet, it won’t be enough because I am more that surprised. And the last campaign that managed to make me feel just as proud of the music PR industry (and not only) was Radiohead’s “In rainbows” album promotion (offered on price by choice – from 1$ to who knows how much).

What Linkin Park did was quite different anyway. They used Facebook (not that I am surpised) as the key to their website: After authorising the application (try it!), you’ll get to be part of Linkin Park’s video! Like for real! Well, on second thought – you better see for yourselves..

PS. Hope they will pick up your "cool" pictures.


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